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Wrestlemania 24 Update

February 11, 2008

WrestlingMAT is back with another update for the upcoming Wrestlemania.

The official theme song this year will be Snow “Hey Oh” by Red hot chilli peppers. This song won the Grammy last year, you can listen it here.

Vince has been very keen on the idea of having two faces headlining Wrestlemania, which is Triple H vs John Cena. Fans has expressed their concerns over Triple H’s troubling matters with his family. By and large, I can said, it would not affect his match at Mania.

Last year, Pop Princess, Britney Spears was actually approached to make an appearance at Mania 23. However she declined the invitation. It happened likewise for this year.

Hulk Hogan Vs Stone Cold should be unlikely to happen. Both men have personal tight schedule to follow, plus the lack of interest to do this match was also a compelling factor.

However, you can anticipate a Rock/Austin or Hogan/Austin promo to be cut at Mania this year.

Y2J/JBL and MVP/Matt Hardy match remained in the confirmation list.

Management has played down the Punk/Edge feud which means there could be a possible twist in the story. For Punk to win the title from Chavo at No Way Out is still 50-50. Writers has been getting heavy stress on who to place as Punk’s opponent at Wrestlemania if he were to win it next Sunday. Chavo remained the highest possible. Mysterio name also surfaced.

Both the writers and Vince are not keen to push Michaels for a win over Flair at Maina because of the fact that he was already an established star. They want young stars to have the moment, which means Batista or Orton remained high candidates now.

There are no much talks to change Undertaker/Edge match so it remained a high possible match. Edge/Vicki segment is likely to be put to an end as well.

The Mcmahon/Finlay/Hornswoggle angle is likely to involve the returing Big Show though words have not been confirmed.

As reported earlier, Jeff’s condition is getting worse and management has expressed their woes to put Jeff in a high profile/risk match at Mania. Therefore he is likely to just defend his I.C title. Having both Jeff/Matt to win the secondary titles of each brand is still something feasible.

As a whole, Vince has been commenting that despite a possible bad weather outbreak, the show will still go on.


Austin: “I Am Not Coming Back”

February 10, 2008

Despite popular demand, Stone Cold Steve Austin has ruled out the possibility of coming back to wrestle full time. In a recent interview with a renowned press, Steve Austin has claimed that his old injury is the main reason.

A combination of burnout and frustration started to build within Austin during the early part of 2002. In his mind, his storylines were not coming together. The bright shining spotlight was dimming as the Rock went Hollywood, Hulk Hogan came back to the company, and Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar began commanding attention. He hated it.

“People think what they want about pro wrestling, I don’t care if everybody likes it or not. I love it! And to get to the top, you can’t just be some dummy. To go to the top in your chosen field and what you choose to do, it means something. No one can take that from me or anybody else in wrestling, like I said, whether they understand or like wrestling or not. Sometimes, we still fight for that mainstream. We struggle for it. But… I can’t go all day long with this”

He added, “I’m pretty much done with wrestling. I had a blast, and it was the best job I had in my entire life. When you had my type of style, which was very aggressive, you’re going to have wear-and-tear, but I feel really good. If I really wanted to and needed to I can probably get two more hard years in the ring, but at this point it’s not worth it. After 10 years, when I’m in my 50s, I want to feel this good. So it’s time to hang it up.”

For those who are hopeful for Austin to change his mind and put himself in a match with Hogan at Wrestlemania, maybe you should have a second thought on it. Though he claimed that his physical condition is an issue, we know where he wants to head now.

Ever since his departure, his focus has been on hollywood. But he had few success there. The critical response to Condemned was negative. Rotten Tomatoes listed the film with a 17% rating, Complaints against The Condemned included accusations of plot holes, sexual objectification, preachy tone, and massive amounts of violence untempered by comic relief. It also received a 0/4 from the New York Post.

The $20 million USD-budgeted film failed at the box office, by most reasonable standards for such calculation. It debuted with a $3.8 million dollar opening weekend in the US. The film lasted only 4 weeks in theaters and closed with a total of $7.4 million dollars

“Making action films make a whole of sense to me. Don’t try to be too artsy and creative or silly. That’s not a good move at first. Do something I’m comfortable in and what people want to watch. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Well, though we might not have a Hogan/Austin match this Wrestlemania, it would be interesting to see The Rock and Austin face off in the wide screen. Austin has been in talks with WWE on his second film. Perhaps The Rock would be in it too.

“I’m open to work with anybody that is out there. I mean, he was too. I have no idea what his thoughts are. I want to do cool movies with people that I can learn from. The great directors and the great actors. So whoever they put me on the same set with is to be seen.”

With Austin and Hogan match likely to rule out, we can still anticipate him to make an annual appearance at Wrestlemania 24.

Column Of The Week: Rumble Equals Champ

February 10, 2008

The Royal Rumble is a platform designed to escalate anyone into the main event spot at Wrestlemania. It is a given opportunity from the company to let stars become superstars. It has been almost 21 years since the beginning of this sporting extravaganza.

The question is, does a Rumble win equals to being a heavyweight champion? Let’s us analyze. If Vince decides to let you have the honor of winning the Rumble, it means he feels comfortable enough to market you. It means you will be use as an important tool to sell for the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania.

In the past, that doesn’t equal to being a champion. But in recent years, it has become a more favorable position to slot you into the champion spot. Historically speaking, here are the results.

15 past Royal Rumble winners has been compared. It is concluded that a strong 70% chance of Rumble winners becoming a champ. With the last 8 years having consistent winning rate, we can conclude Cena’s chance with Randy as almost absolute victory.

The Backlash
Many of us are wondering why there is this tradition for Rumble winners to be the champ. The platform itself was set up to give a chance to face the champion at the grandest stage of em’ all. Not to walk out as a definite champion. More importantly, such tradition has killed the anticipation for the main event at Wrestlemania.

The Wrestlemania main event has been always the center of attention. It is The Beast vs The Monster, The Fire vs The Water, which makes us tear ourselves apart as to who to support. Now, it is almost definite that since Cena has won the Rumble, we are just merely waiting for a conclusion to come. Let’s picture this, you are watching a movie and you already know the ending. Such perception really burns the story into bits.

Competition really equals to creativity in some extent for this company. If you look at the table, 2001 was the start of the monopoly of WWE and the fall of WCW. In other words, Vince no longer need to please the viewers with excitement. All he need is to please himself. As long as he see it fitting, thats the law. Fans across the globe has always been slamming wrestling creativity as one of the worse. The irony itself is that they are selling poor entertainment stories and yet we are still watching it. That’s definitely something to laugh at.

Personal Thoughts
Hopefully with TNA intense competition, it can spark some creativity juice to WWE. Major events such as Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania should be given much thoughts in the story before laying them down in black and white. In WWE, there have always been this saying “Never say Never”. I guess we can bleminshed it for now.

The Rock To Make An Apperance At WM?

February 9, 2008

WrestlingMAT has learned that WWE has contacted the Rock once again about making an appearance at WM. WWE has been discussing the list of wrestlers who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Including Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Von Erichs, Ted DiBiase, Mae Young, Gordon Solie, Brisco Brothers, Rick Rude, Bob Uecker. Among those on the list this year are Rocky Johnson (Rock’s dad) and Peter Maivia (Rock’s grandfather). They want the Rock to induct both his father and grandfather.

WWE would love to have the Rock make an appearance at Wrestlemania. The event is being held in Florida this year, and the Rock just so happens to live in Florida. This has been a third attempt by WWE, with the first at last year WM 23 and the second at RAW 15th Anniversary.

The original plan for The Rock was to cut a promo with then returning John Cena. It seems that it have been taken out. Nonetheless, having The Rock cutting a promo alone is enough to make the fans go wild.

Recently, The Rock has been nominated Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Best Actor award. His competition for the awards include Eddie Murphy, Ice Cube, and Johnny Depp. The event will be hosted by comedian Jack Black. The award show will be held on March 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. That is the same weekend that Wrestlemania 24 will be held.

Hogan Vs Austin WM 24

February 8, 2008

In a recent attempt since 2005, Vince Mcmahon has again requested Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin to do a match at Wrestlemania 24. Hogan has already gave a nod to this plan however the rattlesnake remained solemn to it.

If ever this match were to occurred, Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan match would definitely add great value to the PPV. Austin has been the hell raising, beer drinking, middle fingering man who revolutionized wrestling and on the otherhand, we have Hogan, the all time American hero. It could easily match up to The Rock Vs Hogan at WM X8.

Right now, Austin is tied up with Hollywood plans while Hogan is busy with his American Gladiators shoot. It would be interesting to see how Vince would persuade them over.

WrestlingMAT Speaks Out & More!

February 6, 2008

As we are ushering into a new CNY and the recent “Get You Talking Campaign” launched, WrestlingMAT sat down with our founder, Scott.TA and get him talking about the upcoming Wrestlemania 24, as well as his new publicity manager and more!

So Scott, tell us us more about yourself: I am a broadcast mass media student in Singapore. I’ve been watching wrestling ever since I was 7, and it has been almost 13 years now. I love wrestling because of its unique entertaining style; it is something so violent perceived by others but yet when you immersed with it, it’s so addictive.

What’s your views on the current wrestling business: (thinking really hard) I think we passed the prime of wrestling but we might be reaching another. WWE has been so powerful that it almost stomped any mainstream competitors. In business view, the monopoly company is sure good for itself while in our consumer view, definitely, it driven out creativity and excitement.

Alright, let’s cut down straight, why made you want to set up WrestlingMAT:
I always wanted to have a say in wrestling. My distant dream is to be a creative writer for the company and/or commentator. In Singapore, when you said that to anyone, the likely response you will get is (laughs) “Get REAL kid!”

So how far has WrestlingMAT gone: Setting up this site has been awesome. We have good responses, faithful viewers who dropped by everyday. I would like to thank them personally. I can said that setting up this site has been time consuming, most of my free time has been drained out. But then, it’s what i like no no it’s what I love to do. I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was hosptialized and WrestlingMAT have to put on hold. The only thing that was going through my mind was, damm i need to be back for them.

Was there any part of you that admire any wrestlers: When I started as a kid, Shawn Michael has been my favorite. I remember his classic ladder match and the night when his boyhood dream has came through. And came the great one, The Rock. He was simply electrifying. He was so entertaining that I hardly remember anyone who had surpassed him. Currently, my pick would be Taker. I have a lot of respect for him. It was a gradually thing that made me come to realisation that this man is not just a deadman. This man is loyal, smart and dedicated.

Now the attention, let’s talk about your new publicity manager: Well~ it is my pleasure to announce a new member to our team, his name is JH and he has been a close friend of mine. We are expanding so it’s good.

So what’s to come for WM: With JH around, we will then look at the picture and see how far we can grab audience here. Next week, we will be doing a Valentine Specials which is something i find it really interesting. Also, to celebrate the CNY, today we will be dropping a big bombshell to our viewers tonight. So be sure to come back in hours time.

Enough of WM, let’s talk about Wrestlemania: Hmm.. i don’t think this Wrestlemania would surpass some of my favorite ones. I would said things are getting monotonous. We have really great potential storylines but we are not heading there. No one actually contemplated a Batista/Cena match which is quite sad. To run JBL and Y2J for so long really burnt the anticipation in us.

What about TNA: I am not a fan of TNA yet but I love what they are doing and where they are heading. TNA Vs WWE should be coming. I am actually rooting for TNA to knock some sense in WWE.

Closing Thoughts: If you are smelllllllllllllll~what (laugh) (laugh) (laugh) Hahahaha!

Present Plans For Wrestlemania 24

February 4, 2008

The promotional poster for Wrestlemania 24 is out, you can view it here.

There are several plans that would likely to happen in this year’s Mania. Of course these opinions are mere speculations and WWE has high tendacy to change their final card 24/7 to make sure everything fits.

SO, with that said, let’s turn out attention to No Way Out. First up, Triple H is likely to win the EC and face John Cena at Wrestlemania. Even so, the 11 time world heavyweight champion have not kept his mind off. It is said that he has been bootlicking backstage so he could walk out as the 12th time champion.

There should be some angle involving McMahon/Finlay/Hornswoggle. It looks sluggish so I wouldn’t pay my attention on it.

Who will retire Ric Flair? The three likely candidates are Shawn Michaels, Batista and Randy Orton. Shawn and Flair has been legends, it would be good to hype up a legend vs legend match. Batista on the otherhand has been fond of Flair. It was Flair who taught him to be the man. An Apprentice vs Master match really sounds feasible. Lastly, with Randy off the title, the legend killer ending Flair should pull some stop.

The World Title side would end up in both ways. Writers have been frustrated with the sudden twists in many stories due to Lashley possible departure. It is likely that Taker will face Edge at Wrestlemania or Batista vs Mysterio.

The feud between Matt Hardy and MVP will resume very soon. The reason why Matt Hardy has yet to return is to wait for an appropriate time to feud with MVP. He is cleared off all injuries at the moment.

Huge Updates On Returning Wrestlers

February 3, 2008

Huge updates on many returning wrestlers!

It is said that Vicki will return to her managerial position next week on Smackdown. With her return, it is likely to add some spice to Mysterio/Edge match.

Ron Killings probably won’t be starting in WWE until at least after WrestleMania. WWE told him to fulfill all of his independent bookings through the end of March. Killings still has some bookings for AAA in Mexico.

For Chris Harris, he would need to take some months in Ohio, before making an appearance.

Well speaking of Ohio Wrestling, CM Punk recently has been delighted that his former trainer, Ace Steel will be making a debut soon. Probably also after Wrestlemania 24.

Jesse and Festus is set to back on Smackdown soon.

WWE has contacted Nathan Jones for a possible return to wrestling. Right now, Jones concentration is on Hollywood, it would be hard for the management to persuade him back.

RVD has stated on his blog that there is a high chance that he will not be at Wrestlemania. Judging from the way how things go, he is still playing hard to get.

Everyone’s attention is now on The Big Show. The multi time champ is set to make a big comeback. Recently, he paid a visit to WWE development territory in Tampa, Florida. We could expect him to be back soon. On which brand, is still hard to say. If he does come back soon, he should be a big roll for any brand.

Column Of The Week: Why Lashley Why?

February 3, 2008

The most breaking news on January was Bobby Lashley Departure. He was the man, a multi-time champ and perhaps one of the most talented and good natured wrestler.

This was the guy that Vince McMahon built an entire brand (ECW) around him. This was the guy that Vince McMahon chose to put in the highest profile match at Wrestlemania last year. This was the guy that Vince was particularly fond of, who will be future hall of fame.

Now, this was also the guy who turned his back on the company.

Why Lashley Why?
There are a few reasons speculating his departure. Although Lashley only stated “that circumstances beyond his control has led to the departure”, we felt it was something more.

1) Bobby Lashley girlfriend, Kristall Marshall, a former Smackdown diva was released unknowingly by WWE late last year. Although there are no claims that she was the triggering factor, she remained a high possibility. It isn’t a mystery that Lashley is a Mr. Nice Guy who seems to be pushed around.

2) Too Stress To Be The Man
Very few people outside of WWE were aware that Bobby Lashley was unhappy. Then again, that’s not a surprise since very people inside the company weren’t aware either. To be the champ, you always have to overwork. That’s the key. Former WWE superstar, Kurt Angle, have also stressed his grievance on tight schedule of the company before.

3) Try New Things
Unlike other wrestlers, Lashley is fond of real style fighting. He is not grounded to wrestling because that’s an entertainment or that’s marketable. He is grounded to his interest. Lashley have always expressed interest to pick up other forms of fighting, so don’t be surprised if you see him elsewhere of wrestling.

Lashley was actually cleared off injury since December last year, the time where his gf was released. The company decided to hold him till Royal Rumble where he was supposed to return at no.30 instead of John Cena.

With that set, Lashley will then face Triple H at Wrestlemania. It would also mean, Triple H Vs Randy for the WWE Title at No Way Out, instead of participating in the Elimination Chamber. With heavy changes on the storylines for RAW, Smackdown also faced obstacles to push Taker to be with Edge at Wrestlemaina. Now, for the first time in WWE history, Both RAW and Smackdown will have EC on the same night. Guess it is something to look forward to.

With Lashley departure, words are going around backstage on who to replace Lashley. Right now, WWE are keen to push youngster such as Randy, Cena, Batista, CM Punk, Edge and Mysterio. It is likely that either Kennedy or Jeff would take his place.

The official statement has still not been released by WWE. If you pray and believe in miracle, perhaps Lashley will not leave. Management team are going one by one to persuade Lashley to stay and that includes Shane Mcmahon. Now it is said that Vince, has personally gone down to see him.

Vince is trying to lure Lashley to sign on a reduced schedule contract, like Taker and Michaels. If Lashley insists to leave, it is likely that he would face the same contractual clause which forbids him to work for another wrestling company in a given time. Which means, either TNA or WWE wouldn’t get him.

That leaves him to join UFC, a renowned martial art organization. If so, fans will definitely turn their attention to UFC since Brock Lesnar has recently signed on. A Lesnar vs Lashley would sure set to be world class. The marketing value of that match would outweigh anything else, even bigger than Wrestlemania.

It is a pity that a well-groomed wrestler is leaving. Unlike many other wrestlers, Lashley’s fate in the company was good. He was given great chances to excel and never faced the fate of being an underdog.

The only thing i can comment is, perhaps the lack of ability to handle stress level is detrimental. Lashley is already 32 years old, but maturity comes with experience and not with age. Like Kurt, Lashley is more into wrestling than to entertainment. Maybe that’s why.

As a final note, WrestlingMAT would like to extend our well wishes to Bobby Lashley. May you enjoy success.

RR 08 Preview: JBL/Y2J

January 26, 2008

JBL and Y2J feud could be one of the finest classic this year. However, judging from the story, it seems to be one of the most underrated at the present. Jericho came from the blast to almost nothing, and same goes to JBL (At least, he can gave some punch in his talking). Two men have been out of action, return and wrestle each other. Good idea, bad execution. As far as I can see, the plot is likely to continue till Wrestlemaina, which will be a huge build-up. As far as Royal Rumble is concern, the story is likely to end up as a stepping stone