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A Matt/Jeff Story

February 21, 2008 has updated their pre-order of the two-disc DVD set on Matt/Jeff Hardy. It would be released on 29 April, you can view the promotional poster here.

Speaking of this highly anticipated video, Matt Hardy has posted his own preview on his blog which have been updated here at WrestlingMAT.

“Now that I’ve had the chance to watch both DVDs a few times-here’s more info for you guys and gals. There is one DVD dedicated to me. It cover all my roads traveled in the WWE, as well as the early Hardy Boyz days to catch everyone up to speed. It covers splitting with Jeff, Version One, Mattitude, The Edge-Lita-Matt controversy, the MVP-Matt saga, and a bunch, bunch more. It’s got several awesome extras and Easter Eggs on in. The Core Group of Matt, Jeff, Shane, and Shannon also have a couple of segments on the disc. Plus, there’s several of my greatest matches.”

“Jeff has a disc dedicated to him as well. It covers Jeff’s very memorable ordeals with Triple H and the Undertaker, as well as those matches. The DVD also goes into great detail about Jeff leaving and then returning to the WWE. It also includes several exclusive Jeff extras and Easter Eggs, as well as several of Jeff’s greatest matches.”

I stumbled upon Jeff’s official blog as well. It’s one of the most unique blog I ever seen. Nothing to do with wrestling, just Jeff, unique or special you would like to call him, his blog have been updated here at WrestlingMAT as well.


RR 08 Preview: Jeff/Orton

January 27, 2008

The second match i am looking forward to tonight’s Royal Rumble. Jeff has been tremendous, each week i see him, his skills get better, the fans get louder and his mic speech gets better. Orton on the other hand, as a champion hasn’t been much of a talk.

If Jeff were to win, who would his opponent be at Wrestlemaina? Triple H, Taker, Michaels? With Lashley possible departure, my pick now for Jeff is that he is likely to be the Wrestlemaina championship match as a contender and win it. The odds are even for this match, so it’s hard to say