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Wrestlemania 4.0

February 27, 2008

Well in case you missed Wrestlemania earlier promotional video, you can find it here.

Also, Light It Up by Rev Theory have been recently added to this year Wrestlemania’s theme list. You can view it here.

OK, first start! What’s are the new updates for Mania?

Cena/Triple H/Randy Orton match have been hugely overshadowed by Mayweather/Show match. Which i find it personally kind of sad when the MAIN event is supposed to be the one that sells the most. In any case, wrestling fans are getting paranoid over Cena’s role in his new movie. I can strongly assured the fans that Cena role will not affect his match outcome at Mania.

Edge/Undertaker match is evolving something predictable as of late, but I love the reaction of how this feud is turning, especially when Taker is such a favorite.

Chavo/Punk feud is hitting the last phase smoothly. Frankly, I enjoyed their feud, each week.

Mayweather’s 20 million earning from Wrestlemania is getting huge attention from media of all areas. Expect him to appear in external interview shows in weeks to come. Big Show has been announced to be on the Smackdown roster but any brand would still cover this feud since it is the ATTENTION now. Rumors have sparked for Shane Mcmahon to be involved in some ways.

Shawn/Flair have been set. Legend Vs Legend. While many anticipate Ric Flair to lose, writers might hold Ric for a while longer. Now, that’s the killer. In any case, both of them squared off sometimes back in 2003/4’s Bad Blood PPV. Re-doing this match and hyping it to this extent is a bit blunt. Shawn is also expect to induct Ric Flair into the Hall Of Fame this year.

Y2J/JBL storyline have been canceled. It is said that Vince is behind this sudden change. He doesn’t like the way things are turning, especially the fans reaction to this tasteless grudge. Writers fault seriously.

As mentioned earlier, I knew Finlay is up to some secrecy. Now that they announced Finlay to be Hornswoggle’s dad. Things are definitely getting better. I am still trying to make sense over JBL/Vince vs. Hornswoggle/Finlay. It looks like a forcefully mixed dish to me. In any case, Hornswoggle/Mcmahon angle will set to end after Wrestlemania.

Poor Jericho. His return seems to be going down hill months after months. Now he is involved with Jeff/Shelton/Kennedy in the MITB.

Candice Michelle/Maria and The Glamazon & Melina. Typical of WWE to do at Wrestlemania but I am still looking forward to it. Puppies! (Jerry The King Lawler voice suddenly sounded in my head. Lol!)

Batista is said to be feuding with Umaga on the RAW Vs Smackdown angle.

There might be a huge tag team brawl involving Morrison/Miz, Jimmy/Shannon, Mark Henry/Daddy V, Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder at Wrestlemania.

There are news leaked backstage that Matt Hardy is set to return this week on Smackdown. No words have been confirmed. If he do return, MVP is surely on his top list of rivalry.

Hogan/Austin name have not been added to this year Wrestlemania.

However, The Rock and Mick Foley might make an appearance. Speaking of The Rock, he would induct his grandfather and father at this year Hall Of Fame.


RVD On TalkWrestling

February 23, 2008

Well, Rob Van Dam recently appeared on Talkwrestling, an online talkshow about wrestling and he had some really interesting (and blunt) comments on Booker T’s PWA, Possible return, ECW show, RVD – TV and John Cena. Uncensored opinions is the gist of the entire interview. Really Cool, you guys should check it out.

Talkwrestling Part One

Talkwrestling Part Two

Wrestlemania 24 Update 3.0

February 20, 2008

With the Wrestlemania plan changing 24/7, WrestlingMAT is back with another post on it.

Right now, as mentioned earlier, these are the confirmed matches for Mania:

Undertaker Vs Edge (World Heavyweight Championship)

John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Now, the attention is set to Floyd Mayweather and The Big Show. While many speculated that this match would gain attention from the media, it looks like too much hopes were pinned. As always, Wrestlemania would be a grand daddy event for the company and external big stars would grace the event. In the past, Limp Bizkit, Motorhead, Donald Trump, Mike Tyson has generated plenty amount of interest in the product during their appearances. With Floyd already in, the management is now seeking to bring in another renowned boxer, Oscar de La Hoya. Shane Mcmahon name was also being tossed around. It would be interesting to see how things would go.

What about Flair? On the past Monday Night Raw, Shawn Michaels personally made the announcement that Ric Flair would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania 24 this year. You can expect the induction to be involved heavily in the storyline. With that said, Batista and Kennedy name has been thrown out. It looks like HBK/Flair match at Mania is set.

Following the line, JBL seems to be involved in another programme this past week on RAW. Hopefully, the writers would not made any silly changes to the grudge match between Y2J/JBL. Though I have to said, the built up sucks, but it would completely be a waste of the two months efforts made.

Jeff Hardy has agreed to put his body on the line at Money In The Bank. He has personally agreed to do this match despite his troubling health matters. Writers will be penning down the “against all odds angle” for Jeff Hardy in months to come which narrates around how he fail and try, fail and try, fail and try, and finally succeeded.

WWE is also discussing an idea to bring back Kevin Federline in a celebrity battle royal match. He would be the focus of the match and would win the entire thing. This would definitely make some media coverage from the press.

Whether you believe it or not, Vince might be playing up Hornswoggle head injury. I am getting sluggish over what to come for this angle. I don’t look forward to Finlay Vs Vince, i mean pardon me for those Irish friends but this angle just doesn’t seems matching. Inside of me, my hunch is telling me that Finlay would eventually betray Hornswoggle for a higher secrecy that will be sold in weeks to come.

Chavo Guerrero should lose the title to Punk at Mania. Thing is, where would Punk go after this? Would he faced the same fate like Lashley and get stripped off his title due to the draft lottery?

Candice Michelle is receiving really good hype up promo. So be sure for her to feud with Beth Phoenix.

Writers are having second thoughts now for ushering Matt in a return conquest with MVP.

Batista, Kane, Mick Foley, Kennedy, Shelton, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry, Umaga are all good names with feud yet to be settled. A possible solution is to throw them all into the MIB with Jeff.

Get Punk’d

January 31, 2008

Apparently, success got over Punk’s head. Trainer has been reinforcing Punk to wrestle well during weekly show. However, Punk showed no interest in it. It’s being said that CM Punk’s work at house shows has been sloppy as well.

Reports has claimed that the management team took the ECW Heavyweight Championship off of CM Punk last week as punishment. He dropped the belt to Chavo Guerrero. CM Punk then lost a match to Edge on the following episode of Smackdown. Recently he also worked a dogshow for the company.

Luckily, he is still been pushed as top baby face of the brand. Punk may been popular in front of the cam. But backstage, it is a whole different issue. Morrison, Miz, Burke, Benjamin have all expressed unpleasant reaction to his success.

WrestlingMAT has updated Punk’s official blog here.

Not Much Hope

January 30, 2008

Although Chavo has been crowned the man for ECW, however he still remains a superstar on Smackdown. Instead of causing confusion, the relations Chavo have for both brands would spark more interesting storylines.

I was duly upset when Chavo entered the Royal Rumble because he has already been crowned a heavyweight champion. The irony itself is so much for Chavo to have him participating in the Rumble. Let alone, he was the only heavyweight champ that was vacant at the Rumble.

With a new head writer and new champ, ECW is sure set to look good. But I wouldn’t see much hope on Chavo heading success at the present. He seems to be caught up in the spot where they need experienced player to be at Wrestlemania.

WWE Fires Dave Lagana

January 28, 2008

The management team has decided to lay off, Dave Lagana, the current ECW head writer. It was due to his sluggish, and practical form of writing, which doesn’t suit the brand. In recent months, Dave was the man carrying the show with storylines such as the repetitive Chavo/Punk match, the fall of ECW originals, as well as the conservative wrestling matches.

His works include Wrestlemaina 21, the night where Cena and Batista won the heavyweight title. Most ppvs in 2005/6 as well as an episode of American long hit series, Friends.

He argued that it was the management team itself who did not approve much of his suggestions. In any case, 2007 Hall of famer, Dusty Rhodes is set to replace him.

RR 08 Preview: Mysterio/Edge

January 25, 2008

Mysterio and Edge match tonight will be the final blow before Rumble. Initially, I was thinking Mysterio might win big, reason being, his second title reign was long overdue. Edge screwed Punk’s title and Punk screwed Edge’s title seems justifiable. However, Edge has been duly upset over the duration of his past two heavyweight champion. Management team has been seeking to push Undertaker to feud with one of them, so its hard to say. Judging from the snapshot, my pick would be Edge.

RR 08 Preview: Punk/Chavo

January 22, 2008

Many has been requesting from us for a possible spoiler on the upcoming Royal Rumble. Since you want it, you get it! We will be featuring the potential winners for Royal Rumble 08, this sunday on Column of The Week.

To kick start, Punk Vs Chavo match at the Royal Rumble has been completely drained with each of them feuding on every Tuesday show. I would say that this feud would end at the Rumble.