Bastard Son’s Condition Worsen

Following JBL’s brutal attack on Hornswoggle during last Monday night’s RAW, doctors feared that he could have suffered a more severe trauma to his spine than initially expected.

At first, specialists believed that the nature and severity of Hornswoggle’s injuries were different and focused on other potential signs of trauma. When he showed little to no movement after 6-foot-6, 290-pound JBL repeatedly rammed the 4-foot frame of Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son into a steel cage Monday night on Raw, physicians suspected that his back may have been broken.

However, as of Thursday morning, reporters were told that Hornswoggle’s condition has begun to show slight signs of improvement. His mobility has been limited, but doctors say he has been able to wiggle several toes.

At this time, the doctors will continue their assessment throughout the evening and into the weekend. With additional testing, specialists hope to identify a more discernible recovery time for Hornswoggle. Hopefully he can make it to the upcoming Wrestlemania where he have a major role in the storyline with Vince/Finlay.

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4 Responses to “Bastard Son’s Condition Worsen”

  1. sssjvsss Says:

    hmmm… ya ya im expecting finlay o beat the hell out of jbk

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    wrestling blog
    usual blog

  2. wrestlingmat Says:

    maybe jericho could also get himself involved somehow =]

  3. Madmomma Says:

    I think JBL should be prosicuted for what he did to Hornswoggle. I hope and pray he gets well fast. We will miss him , until he returns. McMahon should be punished too.

  4. wrestlingmat Says:

    definitely, i was just pondering a min ago, how JBL wrestling skills has gone from bad to worse. And how poor he is handling his opponents at the ring. SCREWED

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