Poor Condition For Jeff

Ever since Jeff’s high risk moments a few weeks back, he has since faced many health problems. Aside from the rigors of professional wrestling, Jeff Hardy punishes his body with his hobbies as well. In particular, the Rainbow Haired Warrior has suffered an assortment of injuries from doing motocross.

He has recently declared that that his ankles are really weak. There’s a bone chip in his right kneecap. Both of his elbows are giving him problems. Jeff Hardy also has a herniated disc in his neck and his back. In recent weeks, Jeff Hardy has been generating a lot of money for WWE with merchandise sales. The company would rather that he not put his body more at risk than it needs to be.

Right now, Smackdown chief writer, Michael Hayes is trying to push for Jeff to get the strap. Hayes and Jeff have been close since the early days. However, there is at least one person in particular who is against a Jeff Hardy title run at the moment and that person is Stephanie McMahon.

She doesn’t want WWE to give Hardy the belt because she feels that it would force a change of plans. Stephanie has given her reasons for why Hardy should not get the strap, though some backstage are saying that it sounds like Triple H rhetoric.

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