Jim Ross Update On CW, OVW & Lashley

Straight after the Ohio Valley Wrestling departure, the relationship between CW Network and WWE has broke down. This time around, it would be serious matter. CW Network has been hosting WWE’s Smackdown since its debut. After being on the air approximately 10 years on network at a prime time TV slot, the management must be fretting over which network to replace Smackdown. It is likely that NBC would take the role. As quoted from JR, “Bottom line, as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say, is that Smackdown will undoubtedly find a new home this Fall, while the compelling aspect of the matter is where and on what night? ”

JR also went on to talk about Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE. “News of the WWE severing its ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling was met by yours truly with mixed emotions” He added “Nonetheless, OVW’s legacy will be that of helping to develop some of the WWE biggest stars of this generation and for that, Danny Davis and his crew, including trainer Al Snow, among others, should be commended” Personally, we agree on that, OVW afterall has been a big part for aspiring wrestler to reach the promise land.

Also, JR finally gave his comments on the departed wrestler, Bobby Lashley. “Knowing that Bobby had a monstrous 2007 financially and his apparent dislike for travel and/or sports entertainment, one could assume that the MMA world might be Lashley’s calling. No one knows, but Bobby, what he wants to do with his future and the rest of us are purely speculating”

JR then went on to talk about NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal, Hall of fame’s Sensational Sherri, Black History Month and WWE recent departure to Alaska. For full details on what he said, I have updated his blog on WM.

Tomorrow cover stories will be a Steve Austin interview on a possible comeback as well as a column on Rumble Winners as champ. So be sure to check back!

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