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Superstar Lookback: Mr. Fuji

February 7, 2008

Harry Fujiwara is a former all time heel professional wrestler best known for his in ring name, Mr. Fuji. He was also known as one of the best entertaining manager that attributed to many wrestlers’ success, including Yokozuna.

His renowned trait includes throwing salt in the eyes of wrestlers. The meaning is said to be a way to invite good luck before the match. His solemn flag waving gesture was also memorable. Although he was billed as a Japanese, he is a Japanese-American born in Hawaii. Then, WWE has always wanted to create a different appeal of world-wide wrestling. Mr. Fuji was a typical stereotype of Asian.

At one time, he had a career in Hawaii with Peter Maivia’s Wrestling Hawaii. He was often associated with one of Hawaii’s biggest heels, Tor Kamata. He left the company for WWE in seek for better financial profits.

Beside the dollar exchange, Harry also had several wrestling achievements. Few people remember that Mr. Fuji actually held the WWE Tag Team Championship on five separate occasions with a number of different partners including Professor Toru Tanaka (3 times when the company was known as the WWWF), with one of their reigns being the third longest tag team title reign in the WWE/F/WF, and also Mr. Saito (twice when it was known as the WWF).

Fuji is one of the most respected tag team wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment history, having held one half of the World Tag Team titles longer than any other wrestler.

Throughout his regime, Mr. Fuji also managed several famous wrestlers including Cowboy Bob Orton, The Oriental Express, Kamala, Owen Hart and Yokozuna. He retired to the city of Knoxville, Tennessee at the age of 59.

After which, he opened a training dojo out of Jefferson City, Tennessee, and Dandridge, Tennessee. It went burst due to the lack of trainees at 2001.

Mr. Fuji was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31, 2007 by Don Muraco. Mr. Fuji was also in a wheelchair at the time of the induction, due to 9 knee operations.

His career will be most remembered by different generations for different reasons, but one constant will be an indelible mark – Mr. Fuji, whether as a wrestler or manager, is one of the most successful performers ever to set foot in a WWE ring.


Triple H’s Absence

February 7, 2008

It was noted that Triple H had missed this week’s RAW due to “‘a family emergency” Due to upcoming tours in Alaska, South Korea, and Japan over the next two weeks, WWE taped two weeks of Raw last night and will be taping two weeks worth of SmackDown & ECW shows tonight & tomorrow. It is unknown at the moment if Triple H’s emergency will affect his participation on WWE’s upcoming international tour as he’s advertised to appear to on it. Also, there will be no build up on Hunter’s appearance till next Sunday’s No Way Out.

The reason Triple H missed Raw on Monday is because his 41-year old brother-in-law, Gordon B. Ouellette, who was married to his sister Lynn Levesque, suddenly passed away on Monday at Southern NH Medical Center. Going through the history book, Triple H was one of the few men who would put family matters into his professional career, let alone at this time when he needed to convince the management to put the title around his waist. It seems that he have to be away for some time.