WrestlingMAT Speaks Out & More!

As we are ushering into a new CNY and the recent “Get You Talking Campaign” launched, WrestlingMAT sat down with our founder, Scott.TA and get him talking about the upcoming Wrestlemania 24, as well as his new publicity manager and more!

So Scott, tell us us more about yourself: I am a broadcast mass media student in Singapore. I’ve been watching wrestling ever since I was 7, and it has been almost 13 years now. I love wrestling because of its unique entertaining style; it is something so violent perceived by others but yet when you immersed with it, it’s so addictive.

What’s your views on the current wrestling business: (thinking really hard) I think we passed the prime of wrestling but we might be reaching another. WWE has been so powerful that it almost stomped any mainstream competitors. In business view, the monopoly company is sure good for itself while in our consumer view, definitely, it driven out creativity and excitement.

Alright, let’s cut down straight, why made you want to set up WrestlingMAT:
I always wanted to have a say in wrestling. My distant dream is to be a creative writer for the company and/or commentator. In Singapore, when you said that to anyone, the likely response you will get is (laughs) “Get REAL kid!”

So how far has WrestlingMAT gone: Setting up this site has been awesome. We have good responses, faithful viewers who dropped by everyday. I would like to thank them personally. I can said that setting up this site has been time consuming, most of my free time has been drained out. But then, it’s what i like no no it’s what I love to do. I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was hosptialized and WrestlingMAT have to put on hold. The only thing that was going through my mind was, damm i need to be back for them.

Was there any part of you that admire any wrestlers: When I started as a kid, Shawn Michael has been my favorite. I remember his classic ladder match and the night when his boyhood dream has came through. And came the great one, The Rock. He was simply electrifying. He was so entertaining that I hardly remember anyone who had surpassed him. Currently, my pick would be Taker. I have a lot of respect for him. It was a gradually thing that made me come to realisation that this man is not just a deadman. This man is loyal, smart and dedicated.

Now the attention, let’s talk about your new publicity manager: Well~ it is my pleasure to announce a new member to our team, his name is JH and he has been a close friend of mine. We are expanding so it’s good.

So what’s to come for WM: With JH around, we will then look at the picture and see how far we can grab audience here. Next week, we will be doing a Valentine Specials which is something i find it really interesting. Also, to celebrate the CNY, today we will be dropping a big bombshell to our viewers tonight. So be sure to come back in hours time.

Enough of WM, let’s talk about Wrestlemania: Hmm.. i don’t think this Wrestlemania would surpass some of my favorite ones. I would said things are getting monotonous. We have really great potential storylines but we are not heading there. No one actually contemplated a Batista/Cena match which is quite sad. To run JBL and Y2J for so long really burnt the anticipation in us.

What about TNA: I am not a fan of TNA yet but I love what they are doing and where they are heading. TNA Vs WWE should be coming. I am actually rooting for TNA to knock some sense in WWE.

Closing Thoughts: If you are smelllllllllllllll~what (laugh) (laugh) (laugh) Hahahaha!

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