Bobby Lashley Finally Gone.

WWE’s official website has just announced his release from the company. 

Here is their official statement: 

WWE has come to terms on the release of Bobby Lashley as of today. We wish Bobby the best in all future endeavors.

The last bridge between Bobby Lashley and WWE has finally collapsed. In the final attempt, Lashley has requested an unimaginable salary for his return. Apparently, Vince contemplated a few days before issuing his favorite “YOU ARE FIRED~”

Standing from Vince’s point, it is understandable. If you grant Lashley’s greed, there will be a second, third and fourth coming. Excluding Vince, we find it hard to swallow Lashley’s terms as well. Several source over the past year has indicated that Lashley earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million in 2007, and that’s without being much of a merchandise draw.

Though no figure was released on how much he requested. We believe it is at least twice to thrice the amount. With that said, my sympathy for the former champ has diminished.

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