RVD Lashes Out On The Game And More!

In case you missed this interview on RVD thoughts, here is it.

On his WWE Title win: “WWE never planned on pushing me, they had no choice because the fans demanded it. I was told, that it was Paul (Heyman) idea to put the Championship Title on RVD to kickstart ECW, And… one of the boys, that’s married to one of the boss’ daughters, actually said that “RVD just doesn’t have that connection with the crowd”. Now, is that a genuine comment, or is that a back-stabbing, throat-slicing comment to try and keep yourself from feeling threatened by somebody else?”

On whether he is bitter over his WWE run: “Honestly, I don’t feel I am bitter at all. When I went to WWE, in the summer of 2001, I didn’t even want to go. It was never my favorite style of wrestling. At that point in my career, it was all business, and I was already tired of traveling. I already really peaked my interest in ECW, as an artist.

On the ECW revival in WWE moving away from the original ECW concept: “When they squashed the spirit of ECW, I was still kicking on the way out. I would tell Vince, “If you do this, the ECW fans aren’t going to like this, that’s not what this is about.” That’s when I realized (it was doomed) because he told me, exactly “Rob, I never intended this to be like the old ECW. Nobody remembers the old ECW.” I’d say, “You’ve got to be kidding me! You don’t think anybody remembers it? Why do you think the Pay-per-view was so successful, and the DVD! Isn’t that why you’re bringing it back?” (Does Vince McMahon voice) “Rob, for all I know, those 2500 fans at the Manhattan Center were the last of the old ECW fans.”

On Rob’s appreciation of his fans: “I would be the only person who would go out behind the building and … oh wait, that was something else I used to do (laughs). I would go out back and I would sign autographs for the fans that are waiting out there, and they would say “Oh Rob, you’re the only one who has come up to us all day!” and I would say “Of course, it’s pouring rain, and you’ve been standing under a tree all day, you don’t expect wrestlers to come out here, do you?” But I would usually do it, because I would get energy out of that, and know that they would remember that.”

Credits to SportsTalkCleveland.com for this interview.

Rob Van Dam have also officially announced the creation of an online show entitled RVD-TV. On this show, he will give his fans a glimpse at what his life is like outside of the wrestling business. A preview for this upcoming series can now be found on the homepage of his website. Van Dam is expected to voice his opinions on political matters through this show.

The format of RVD-TV is similar to The Hardy Show, an online reality series about the personal lives of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, whose lives intertwine with that of Shannon Moore’s.

I’ve updated RVD’s official website here. It is one of the coolest page i ever seen. You guys should check it out.

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