Huge Updates On Returning Wrestlers

Huge updates on many returning wrestlers!

It is said that Vicki will return to her managerial position next week on Smackdown. With her return, it is likely to add some spice to Mysterio/Edge match.

Ron Killings probably won’t be starting in WWE until at least after WrestleMania. WWE told him to fulfill all of his independent bookings through the end of March. Killings still has some bookings for AAA in Mexico.

For Chris Harris, he would need to take some months in Ohio, before making an appearance.

Well speaking of Ohio Wrestling, CM Punk recently has been delighted that his former trainer, Ace Steel will be making a debut soon. Probably also after Wrestlemania 24.

Jesse and Festus is set to back on Smackdown soon.

WWE has contacted Nathan Jones for a possible return to wrestling. Right now, Jones concentration is on Hollywood, it would be hard for the management to persuade him back.

RVD has stated on his blog that there is a high chance that he will not be at Wrestlemania. Judging from the way how things go, he is still playing hard to get.

Everyone’s attention is now on The Big Show. The multi time champ is set to make a big comeback. Recently, he paid a visit to WWE development territory in Tampa, Florida. We could expect him to be back soon. On which brand, is still hard to say. If he does come back soon, he should be a big roll for any brand.

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