WildCat Heading To WWE

It was announced yesterday that former TNA wrestler will defect to World Wrestling Entertainment. In a message posted on his website, WildCatChrisHarris.com, Harris talks about his decision to leave TNA for WWE. Here his statement:

Due to confidential negotiations, I have had to keep quiet for some time. I have read a number of wrestling sites reporting what they suspected was happening with me. I have had numerous calls from radio stations and internet sites and have answered none. Fans on the site and in person want to know. Truth is, I wanted to keep quiet until it was official. Yesterday evening, I signed a contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

I apologize for not responding to anyone, but there was no need to stir up the gossip until I had something official. Not to mention, I am not sure of the rules yet and didn’t want to cause problems with my new employer. I have put a lot of thought into this decision and feel that it is the best for me. Wrestling is my life and I had lost my passion for it. I have been unhappy for some time. It was the right time to make some changes. I have fulfilled many dreams in my wrestling career, but the ultimate dream is to be at the top of the wrestling world…and that means the WWE.

For more information, I have updated his website on WrestlingMAT.

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