Column Of The Week: Will Cena Still Suck?

John Cena is perhaps of the most high profile wrestler on RAW. Cena’s success on the wrestling ring, his acting career and even as a controversial white rapper has made him a popular figure of the mainstream.

A few months ago, Cena was injured by Kennedy but was announced that it was caused by Randy. The rumor has sparked recently that Cena is recovering better than the usual and the management team is hoping to push him to be at the upcoming Wrestlemaina. He even appeared on last week RAW taping. Right now, his return could spell both good and bad news. Judging from the heat Cena had received, the writers should learn their lesson and make Cena as Cena.

His Return

#1 The first stop he could be is likely at the the upcoming Royal Rumble. If writer are willingly to let him take a risk and head for the main event, Randy/Cena match could pull some stop. Afterall, the feud did not really have an eventful ending as it is supposed to be.

#2 Will Cena be the champ? It is likely he will receive another run within this year but not anytime soon. WWE has recently announced that Cena will be at starring as the main lead in the upcoming film, 12 Rounds produced by the company. Details have not yet been confirmed but it should start shooting during Feb.

#3 Cena/Y2J feud should spark some action. According to the storyline, Jericho was retired by Cena two years ago. After feuding with JBL, Jericho is likely to head to the main event and feud with Cena. It should be interesting to see two strong faces going around.

#4 Vince has been fond of Cena because Cena has been a good wrestler; loyal, determined and willingly to work. You hardly hear any news of Cena complaining of tight schedule or the heavy stress level from the company. Like many other wrestlers who was in Vince fancy list (Brock, Kurt, Austin, Undertaker, Mick Foley), Cena return could take him off the champ light and feud him with Vince to root his spot among the fans

2008 should be a pleasant year for Cena lovers and haters. John Cena should be involved in strong grudge matches that will established him as a top player. The boos might go on for him, but his success will continue to mount within the company.

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