Superstar Lookback: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is the pioneer of high-flying style in the wrestling business. He was inducted to WWE as a hall of fame in 1996. In private, he is better known as James Reither.

To date, James is 65 years old. He started his wrestling career in Hawaii when he was 26. He wrestled there for almost 15 years before moving to WWE in the 80s.

WWE is the turning point in his career. The most famous match he had was a Steel Cage match at Madison Square Garden when he leapt from the top of the cage. This video is still been shown today.

In that time, he had good feud with many Hall of Fame, such Hogan and Piper. He left WWE in the 90s to pursue a career at ECW.

Although he only wrestled there for a year, James has left deep influence in that organization. Mick Foley, Bubba Ray Dudley and many other top-wrestling superstars in the world today look upon him as a role model. He was a cornerstone for ECW and a major influence for WWE.

Presently, James tends a lamp/bulb store in Oregon. In 2007, James made several appearances in WWE such as Taboo Tuesday and McMahon appreciation night. His adopted son, Jimmy Reither, Jr also works for WWE. He is better known as a Deuce on Smackdown.

It would be interesting to see James back to WWE if management is willingly to push Deuce.

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