Column Of The Week: WWE 2008

2008 should be a great year for WWE. The organization has a vivid frequency of having the results of three years top, three years mid and three years down.

2008 would still be in the top scene.

For this year line-up, John Cena, Lashley, Matt and RVD are all set to return. That could mean interesting storylines coming up such as Cena/Batista, Batista/Lashley, or RVD/Punk. There is also thought for Triple H to return his world title conquest. Since JBL has transferred to RAW, a Triple H/JBL could pull some punch.

Flair is retiring and is going for an on screen character. Shawn health condition is deteriorating and that could mean a close stop to his career.

Stars that are likely to rise could be Jeff, Matt, Shelton and Kennedy. Jeff is heading towards the main event scene, and Matt is likely to escalate along with him. Both of them have been with WWE for almost ten years, and deserve to be pushed. Compared to 2001, a possible upcoming Matt/Jeff feud would prove be interesting.

Kennedy star power is likely to shift to ECW since RAW is flocking with too many superstars. Earlier last year, Kennedy won the Money In The Bank at Wrestlemaina but lost an excellent chance when he got injured. It’s high time for him to receive the torch.

If you catch last Tuesday, ECW. Tazz and Joey are giving hints that Shelton is likely to be the man for ECW. Personally, I love Shelton’s Gold gimmick. It’s quite good, and he is one of the best wrestler i ever seen. His push is long overdue, and this year could be payback time.

I wouldn’t pin my hope for Morrison though many said he would be the man this year. Morrison is rather unpopular among the management team and given the culture within the corporation, Morrison is likely to be pushed as a strong midcard wrestler.

The upcoming Royal Rumble is held at Madison Square Garden so be prepared to see good match up.

Wrestlemaina 24 has many returning superstars and that could mean fast and new feud coming up.

Management is seeking to bring back some of the ppv. Hopefully, King of The Ring and all time favourite, In Your House can make their triumph return back.

Also, look forward to good houseshow this year since many feud are waiting on the list.

Speaking of houseshow, The ECW brand is likely to expand. Right now, mid card is spear heading the show, many superstars such as Kennedy, Umaga, Kane should be flocking there. If that happens, the duration of the show is likely to extend.

This year draft lottery should be star-stunned. Even if the corporation is struck with long list of injury, many superstars are still likely to fill the place.

As you can see, 2008 should be a great year for WWE. There are so many angles writer can manipulate on.

Here’s a toast to WWE 2008!

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