Mysterio Beat The Clock!

This past Friday, Mysterio won the Beat The Clock Match which means, he will face Edge at the Royal Rumble. Mysterio/Edge feud should be a good match up but it is unlikely to build up after the Rumble. Words have not been confirmed on the winner for this match. It is likely that Edge will win and feud with the returning Lashley at Wrestlemaina. There are some thoughts of putting Taker and Mysterio at Wrestlemaina.

3 Responses to “Mysterio Beat The Clock!”

  1. Junhao Says:

    Haha, noob, I just watched Smackdown. Shouldn’t you put the correct picture? Haha as in Mysterio with Edge inside.

  2. wrestlingmat Says:

    Hey! Thanks for commenting!

    Well, initially i do intend to post that match picture, but i find that the source is not suitable for the screen size =]

  3. wwe action figure Says:

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