Superstar Lookback: Hulk Hogan

The first edition of Superstar Lookback will feature none other than the biggest immortal of wrestling entertainment, Hulk Hogan. Inducted to the hall of fame at 2005, Hogan is no stranger to any wrestling fans alive.

This 54 years old, semi retired wrestler is better known as Terrence Gene Bollea in private.

Well, Terrence is one of the most popular wrestler in the 80s and was crowned numerous heavyweight champion. However, he went his back on the company and went to World Champion Wrestling (WCW). He had good moments there, high pay, top spot and even a faction call “nWo”

Surprisingly, Vince allowed him to return to the company in 2002 when WCW went burst. Hogan immediately rose to the top spot and soon after became the Undisputed Word Heavyweight Champion. He left the company eventually on the reason of being underpaid.

Recently, he appeared on RAW 15th Anniversary, which is quite ironic gesture because Terrence was fighting at the other side in hope for RAW to go burst. Nonetheless, the fan respected in for who he was. The cornerstone for wrestling in the 80s.

A father to a son, Nick Hogan and a daughter, Brooke Hogan. Terrence is always seen as a good role father figure in the media. Nick was recently involved in a car crash sometimes back in last year.

Right now, Terrence is busy shooting the NBC revival show, American Gladiators, which will be aired in mid season this year.

Terrence has claimed that he is planning to create his own wrestling federation during a recent interview with The Sun newspaper. Presently, he is saving up his money and also looking for joint venture. It would be interesting to see a triple threat competition among three wrestling corporation again.

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