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Superstar Lookback: Rowdy Roddy Piper

January 31, 2008

Roderick George Toombs is better known as a 54 year old, semi-retired wrestler, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. His achievement in the company was undeniable and amazing. Many youngster would not have much impression on him, other than the fact that he made a recent appearance on the 21st Royal Rumble.

When Roderick was young, he was the boy who never hit school. He had several heat with his family, especially his father then. Angered, he left home and join boxing and wrestling. Then, he was only 16 years old.

His career took flight in WWE in the mid 80s where he had many feud with Hogan, Snuka, and Andre The Giant. Vince was particularly fond of him, because of his amazing talking skills that made the first ever interview segment, The Piper’s Pit so successful.

His close ties with Vince make it hard for people to believe that they were at odds with each other in the late 90s. Piper departed to WCW, then rival of WWE because he felt he was underused. On the otherhand, Vince felt that it was time for Piper to help path the way for youngster. It was only till 3 years after WCW closure than they decided to let bygone be bygone.

Famous corporation such as MTV, and other reputable figure also tried to poach Roderick over. But he only made few appearances there. Even till today, Roderick is on the hot list. His filmography is long list, given that he is a wrestler. He was involved in 35 hollywood production, with Bloodstained Memoirs (2008) as his upcoming work.

Roderick also ventured into the realm of voice acting, appearing on Cartoon Network’s animated series Robot Chicken, as well as providing the voice of The Pyro Messiah in the Night Traveler multimedia adventure series produced by Lunar Moth Entertainment.

He and his wife, Kitty live in Hillsboro, Oregon, and have four children; daughters Anastacia, Ariel Tiel, and Fallon Danica and son Colton. Anastacia has a child, making Piper a grandfather. He is one role model that live life to the fullest, despite having no paper qualification. As quoted by him “”Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions” Life is like that.


Get Punk’d

January 31, 2008

Apparently, success got over Punk’s head. Trainer has been reinforcing Punk to wrestle well during weekly show. However, Punk showed no interest in it. It’s being said that CM Punk’s work at house shows has been sloppy as well.

Reports has claimed that the management team took the ECW Heavyweight Championship off of CM Punk last week as punishment. He dropped the belt to Chavo Guerrero. CM Punk then lost a match to Edge on the following episode of Smackdown. Recently he also worked a dogshow for the company.

Luckily, he is still been pushed as top baby face of the brand. Punk may been popular in front of the cam. But backstage, it is a whole different issue. Morrison, Miz, Burke, Benjamin have all expressed unpleasant reaction to his success.

WrestlingMAT has updated Punk’s official blog here.

Not Much Hope

January 30, 2008

Although Chavo has been crowned the man for ECW, however he still remains a superstar on Smackdown. Instead of causing confusion, the relations Chavo have for both brands would spark more interesting storylines.

I was duly upset when Chavo entered the Royal Rumble because he has already been crowned a heavyweight champion. The irony itself is so much for Chavo to have him participating in the Rumble. Let alone, he was the only heavyweight champ that was vacant at the Rumble.

With a new head writer and new champ, ECW is sure set to look good. But I wouldn’t see much hope on Chavo heading success at the present. He seems to be caught up in the spot where they need experienced player to be at Wrestlemania.

Bobby Lashley Part Ways With WWE

January 30, 2008

Former two time ECW champion and United States champion has decided to turn his back on the company. Although he claimed it is not his wish to leave, it has been his fault not to clear his reasons for departure till today.

According to a reliable source, several fans actually made calls to Lashley and he has personally confirmed it. While he would not give any specifics and he made it clear that he did not want to leave but had too due to circumstances beyond his control. I’ve added his official website on WrestlingMAT.

It is interesting to note that he have been discussing the departure since last year and it was through some tug and tussle before WWE start to accept his terms. WWE has already removed his superstar page on RAW. It should be soon before they make an official announcement on Lashley

Backlash On Cena

January 29, 2008

It came to me as no surprise when the crowd went rowdy on Cena. Initially my pick for Rumble is Cena on Column Of The Week: Will Cena Still Suck. However, i shelved this thought back with Lashley return and the fact that Cena will be too pre-occupied with his upcoming movie.

Currently, Cena has announced his comeback to face Randy at No Way Out 2008. It is rather predictable that Cena will win Randy and face either Triple H (likely) or Chris Jericho at Wrestlemaina.

I have to praise Cena for his commitment to the company, given his tight schedule to shoot “12 rounds” and the fact that the medical staff has not officially cleared Cena off the recovery list.

Thank You

January 29, 2008

WrestlingMAT would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to our website. It has been recorded that the ratings broke yesterday, escalating 75 visits on one day. Keep coming and we will continue to post! Thank You for supporting us!

WWE Fires Dave Lagana

January 28, 2008

The management team has decided to lay off, Dave Lagana, the current ECW head writer. It was due to his sluggish, and practical form of writing, which doesn’t suit the brand. In recent months, Dave was the man carrying the show with storylines such as the repetitive Chavo/Punk match, the fall of ECW originals, as well as the conservative wrestling matches.

His works include Wrestlemaina 21, the night where Cena and Batista won the heavyweight title. Most ppvs in 2005/6 as well as an episode of American long hit series, Friends.

He argued that it was the management team itself who did not approve much of his suggestions. In any case, 2007 Hall of famer, Dusty Rhodes is set to replace him.

WrestlingMAT Seeking For Publicity Manager

January 28, 2008

In case you missed last week’s post, Wrestling MAT is seeking a talented and dedicated Publicity Manager. If you want to be part of the pioneer committee for WrestlingMAT, do drop us an email (Wrestlingmat@hotmail), with your resume/interest and state why you should be the man. Application will close within the end of this month. (This Thursday)

Column Of The Week: The 21st Royal Rumble

January 27, 2008

Tonight, the 30 man Royal Rumble will determine who is going to the highest spot of wrestling entertainment, the main event match with a heavyweight champion at Wrestlemaina. Over the years, superstars like Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have took the prize. There are also great talents like Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Kane who never had to chance a to be crowned the man. Let’s us look at some the potential winners for tonight, the 21st Royal Rumble.

Don’t be surprised if the Deadman wins the Rumble tonight. Management wanted to push Taker as the World Champion opponent, at Wrestlemaina. Whoever that might be, Taker/Edge could pull some stop. Undertaker has told the corporation that this could be his last few years in the company. A last strong push is well-deserved for Taker.

Punk has dropped his title last Tuesday and that makes him a strong possible winner for this year, Royal Rumble. has just removed Punk and Chavo match from the tonight event. A hunch is crawling somewhere that Punk sudden lost to Chavo is due to Lashley departure. Since Edge has been feuding with Punk lately, with Punk winning the Rumble and facing Edge at Wrestlemaina seems really feasible.

Triple H
Perhaps one of the most overrated superstar in the corporation. Triple H has used his powers to establish himself as the Game, not just to the fans but also to everyone backstage. Only his story is hype up this month, so I could say, he stands a high chance to win. He seems to be on a conquest for the heavyweight title again.

If management team were going for a safe bet that it is likely that Batista would win it and head to RAW. Raw Creative Team wanted to put him in a match against Randy Orton or Triple H. These men are protégé of the Evolution and the angle would easily lead from there. Furthermore, these men have feud since the Orton Lashback in 2004 and recent heat from Raw 15th Anniversary Show.

This year Royal Rumble should be a stick in the mud. What the creative team have done wrong was to placed too much hope on returning superstars. Cena is still on the recovery list. Lashley is going to quit. Big Show return might not be able to draw as much. RVD refused to come back YET.

It is even more annoying to learn that rising talents like Jeff Hardy, JBL, Mysterio, Y2J are involved in separate matches. Especially Jericho and Jeff who deserved to be pushed as Rumble winners instead of the potential winners.

CM Punk (Mystery Slot), Triple H, Batista and Undertaker now joins Umaga, Snitsky, Hardcore Holly, The Miz, Morrison, Hornswoggle, Foley, Kane, Noble, Finaly, Cody, Shelton Ben, Carlito, Santino, Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Kennedy, Tommy Dreamer, Big Daddy V and Chuck Palumbo in the battle of tonight’s main event. This leaves 5 more mystery slots.

My personal support goes to Punk. Let’s see tonight show to find out!

RR 08 Preview: Jeff/Orton

January 27, 2008

The second match i am looking forward to tonight’s Royal Rumble. Jeff has been tremendous, each week i see him, his skills get better, the fans get louder and his mic speech gets better. Orton on the other hand, as a champion hasn’t been much of a talk.

If Jeff were to win, who would his opponent be at Wrestlemaina? Triple H, Taker, Michaels? With Lashley possible departure, my pick now for Jeff is that he is likely to be the Wrestlemaina championship match as a contender and win it. The odds are even for this match, so it’s hard to say